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Flowers are one of painting’s preferred themes. Their vibrant colors and fragile texture are a perfect match for the technique of pastel.
For this theme, instead of painting outdoors, Pierre Vallon created the composition to be painted by organizing his own floral arrangements or, sometimes, by painting bouquets that he had been given.
Floral painting is one of the exercises of still life. It presents the same advantages, but artists have to work faster than with an inanimate still life.
To create each of his works of art, Pierre Vallon drew on his gifts and professional knowledge as decorator by giving very particular attention to each floral composition.
The contents are just as important in the choice of flowers and their harmonies of colors as the container, which may be squat like an earthenware vase, or finely chiseled like a slender crystal vase.
There is a decorative quality inherent in the floral theme, but the multiplicity of colors can sometimes prove a fearful trap for a painter.