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nature and its LANDSCAPES

Nature and particularly its varied landscapes will have been a source of enchantment and inspiration for Pierre Vallon, accompanying him throughout his life.
Faced with an apparently banal, flat landscape, he would find the focal point around which he would develop his painting: an old tree, an abandoned farm, a church tower… With his pastel boxes and easel almost always at his side, he spent countless hours in the heart of nature transcribing his personal visions of the moment onto each of his canvasses.
Preferring early morning or late afternoon light, he showed particular interest in the movement of the sky and the clouds which could metamorphose the same subject in different seasons. There was no bad weather in his eyes! In fact, it was completely the opposite. Large clouds, fog and morning mist, rain or snow storms and sudden sunny spells always add something more spectacular and theatrical to a painting through their play of light and shadow.
Each landscape that he painted, in the way that it speaks to our imagination, is an invitation to improve our exploration and appreciation of the nature around us.