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landscapes and SEASCAPES

Like many artists, Pierre Vallon was fascinated by the extraordinarily varied colors of the sky and the seashore.
His command of pastel enabled him to render a perfect retranscription in his paintings of the movements of the clouds which scatter and break up on stormy days as well as the breakers frothing with foam on the sea rocks.
But the seashore has many much calmer charms which brought Pierre Vallon a whole array of subjects to paint.
The little fishing ports present a mass of interesting details like the nets, pots and all the usual tackle found on a boat. The quays and jetties are prominent elements in his compositions.
He sometimes had to work fast by clinging onto his canvas to reproduce the iridescent colors of the sea and cloud formations unique to this environment.Here more than elsewhere, through the technique of pastel, painting “sur le motif” finds its true definition and enabled Pierre Vallon to create paintings with highly iodized atmospheres.